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Future Cropping and digital farming

17 views 3. juni 2020

For five years, the Future Cropping partnership has developed innovative farming methods – and...


Spot early signs of illness in cows

209 views 20. april 2020

We zoom in on the animals in this video to look at which little signs reveal that a cow is not...


Hydrogen sulfide gas: Why is it so dangerous?

357 views 17. marts 2020

Hydrogen sulfide causes dangerous situations for people working with slurry. Please watch this...


Good procedures with milking cloths

1.001 views 2. januar 2019

A thorough drying of the teats is important to obtain a successful milking and good udder health....


The use of milking data

424 views 2. januar 2019

The milking data indicate the current milking and allow assessment of results, e.g. milk flow, kg...


Milking procedure in a rotary milking parlor

877 views 2. januar 2019

A successful milking requires a well preparation of the cow. Watch how in this video.


Milking procedure in a milking parlor

1.418 views 2. januar 2019

A successful milking requires a good preparation of the cow. Watch how in this video.


Coping with heat stress

348 views 12. december 2018

Heat stress affects both yield and comfort. This film provides some options to cool the cows.


Barn equipment and welfare

354 views 7. december 2018

In order to achieve the best possible animal welfare, the barn equipment must be fitted and...


Storage and use of vaccines – cattle

339 views 27. november 2018

This video shows how to use and store vaccines correctly in your dairy herd.


Dairy feed bunk management with Compact TMR

563 views 22. november 2018

The film shows how a well-groomed feedingarea and high blend of complete feed ensure calm before,...


Monitor the increase in growth of heifers

208 views 22. november 2018

This film shows how to achieve a high growth rate from birth to calving